Changing the face of Pegasus Galaxy

Hi everyone.

I know this community never really took off and is kind of dead, but I've recently started using livejournal a little bit more, so I thought I'd post here instead of just in my journal.

Last night, Spacen decided it was finally time to close down Pegasus Galaxy. For a long time he managed everything pretty much on his own, but it became too much to keep up with the news, spoilers and updating of the webpages outside of the forums. I helped with a lot for quite a long time, but eventually it also became too much for both of us, partly due to lack of time and partly because we both lost a little bit of interest in the shows.

We're still keeping up the forums and the IRC chat will also live on, but there will be no more official updates with news and spoilers. Our members can feel free to keep posting them though!

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Hope to still see some of you around...

- Aesir
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Tigger Yin Yang

Nice to sort of meet some of you Friday in IRC

I think I recognized some of the LJ names listed here as people that Jenn introduced me to Friday in IRC, but since I'm not sure who was who I don't want to randomly say hi to folks on their LJ and then get a 'do I know you?' response. So anyway this a general hello to all of you!

Feel free to friend me and chat about Stargate and / or anything else that my LJ may prompt you to want to talk about!


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I'm sure the numerous places I've written this have people who are part of here. I'm sorry for repeating myself, but I'm trying to cover everywhere to get as much as I can. Be warned, you'll see it also in Geek_Love and probably a couple other places. Anyhoo, I am doing a paper on heroes. And I'm sure you can guess who one of my heroes to write about will be. Rodney McKay. So, what I'm looking for are quotes from people with their thoughts, feelings, whatever on Rodney's attributes, abilities, and responses toward the antagonistical situations that force him to rise to the occassion. So anything at all, 'cept for stuff like "Rodney rocks! He's hot!" Sorry, I thought about putting that but my prof says no. :) If you guys can give me your quotes by this Friday, it'd be great. Thanks for your help!

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There are only a few days left to enter the fanfic and fanart contests at The deadline is this Thursday, July 15th. The winner of each contest will receive a DVD boxed set.

For more details about the contest, go to:

Also, be sure to join us in our spoiler chat room on Friday after the premiere of Stargate Atlantis. We will be discussing reactions to the new series.

Our chat room can be accessed here: